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A Gynecologist To Meet Female Health Needs: What Services Are On Offer?

Have you been dealing with bleeding, cervix pain or feminine problems that you feel uncomfortable talking to a professional about? If so, you should really put your health first. Female health needs can be met by a professional gynecologist with the right kind of training, so don’t ignore the importance of organising regular visits. Years of experience go into being an expert in this field, from family planning lessons to ultrasonography and infertility treatment. Gynecologists or obstetricians might also boast knowledge on sub-specialties, such as managing high-risk pregnancies and administering fetal medicine. A subsequent three years of training may go into this. To better understand the importance of visiting a gynecologist, read on.

Dealing with Urinary and Vaginal Infections

What you might think is normal could actually be an infection festering in your urinary tract or vagina. By visiting a gynecologist for an examination, you can get a pelvic check-up or Pap test, which will uncover sexually transmitted infections and health issues. Should the results of the Pap test come back as abnormal, the correct steps will be taken to ensure good health is restored. This might involve vaccinations or referrals, depending on the severity of the infection.

Family Planning Consultations

Something else that a gynecologist can assist with is family planning. Consultations of this kind will involve meeting with a professional in the presence of your family. Counselling and prescriptions can be offered during these consultations. Even if talking on the phone with a nurse is a better option for you, this might be possible if you meet with the right person for female health needs. A birth control discussion with your daughter is an example of the way in which the person leading a family planning consultation might provide valuable advice, so consider this when booking an appointment, too.

Pregnancy Testing and Ultrasounds

If the test you bought from a supermarket is not quite giving you the confidence that you are actually pregnant, pregnancy testing at a gynecologist’s clinic will be a good idea. These tests are very precise and will also alert you of the number of weeks you are pregnant, should you be carrying a child. Ultrasounds will then follow, and these ultrasounds will determine the size of the baby and its overall health. Birth defects and complications can be picked up with an ultrasound.

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