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Chatswood Dentist: Preparing Your Child

Chatswood Dentist: Preparing Your Child

When you take your child to your Chatswood dentist for his or her first check-up, the experience can be quite daunting. For the first time, your child will see and experience things never experienced before; shiny instruments, a very strange looking chair, bright lights and a person they don’t know. These are all real to your child, but the first dental appointment does not have to be terrifying. A combination of a caring dentist and you doing things in advance of the visit can turn a potentially unpleasant experience into fun.

The first thing, of course, is to pick the right Chatswood dentist, one that understands the unique needs of children. Dentists that have received extra exposure to paediatric care tend to be friendlier and far less formal, and the clinic decor is more welcoming. It is always a good idea to make a ‘get to know you’ appointment first. Once your child has met the dentist that will look after the examination, then, make a second “working appointment.” Your child will already know what to expect and will feel far more comfortable as the examination proceeds. Before any visits to the dentist, be cautious about what you say, as you may have had a bad experience at one time or another. Don’t give your child this sort of insight. When you are talking about the upcoming visit, a positive and upbeat attitude will make a big difference.

The dentists at any of the No Gaps Dental offices are fully aware of the importance of an early introduction of oral care. You can expect your child to have a pleasant experience, one that will put him or her at ease. If you are looking for a “kid-friendly” Chatswood dentist, please feel free to make an early appointment at your local No Gaps Dental office.

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