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Guidelines for Selecting the Perfect Outdoor Wedding Venue

Guidelines for Selecting the Perfect Outdoor Wedding Venue

Do you want a modern party or a traditional wedding? Are you hoping to say your vows in front of a big group of people or just a few close friends? Will you be saying “I do” during the daytime or at sunset? These are just a few things that you simply must think about if you are to choose the perfect outdoor wedding venue. While you may be tempted to book a venue for the big day in a hurry, this could result in you being less than happy with the location, services and everything else that makes a wedding magical. If you don’t want to hire a wedding planner, the following guidelines for choosing an outdoor wedding venue will come in handy.

The Budget

Before you start looking at outdoor wedding venues and daydreaming, sit down with your partner and figure out how much you are able and willing to spend. Setting a budget is important, because funding a wedding months or even years after you tie the knot can put strain on the relationship. Factor in the cost of food, entertainment and other amenities to avoid unexpected bills.

Catering Services

Hiring a separate catering company to whip up a feast isn’t necessary if you can find an outdoor wedding venue that offers in-house catering. Take dietary restrictions and drink preferences into account at this stage. It’s also worth asking about venue packages and whether or not you will have exclusive access to the venue (and menu).

Check Availability

If you feel that you have found the ideal outdoor wedding venue, keep in mind that there’s a possibility your dates may not be available. After all, if the venue sits on the waterfront like Noosa Boathouse does, it will likely be a sought after spot and so, getting in contact with the owners to check availability is a must.

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