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How to Stay Entertained on Melbourne to Tokyo Flights

How to Stay Entertained on Melbourne to Tokyo Flights

Melbourne to Tokyo flights will take 10 hours if we fly direct. That’s a lot of hours to fill to avoid being bored. Some planning before we leave home will make it far easier to enjoy the journey and appreciate the time that we’ve had to ourselves while flying.

We’ve got three suggestions here to help keep ourselves busy. There are plenty of other ways to pass the time on a flight too if we’re eager for more.


This is ideal if we’re stressed or anxious about going on long Melbourne to Tokyo flights. It’s possible to download free meditation apps to use on phones, or we could take a book with us that covers how to meditate. Either way will work wonders as we settle into the flight.

Read or Listen to an Audiobook

Most people have books they’d love to read if they had the time. We can pack one in our hand luggage, and it’s there ready once the flight begins. Being able to read uninterrupted for several hours allows us to enjoy the book even more than we normally would. It could be fiction or non-fiction, depending on what suits our mood at the time.

Make Plans for Our Destination

Even if we’re on a business trip, we’re likely to have some time to enjoy exploring Tokyo at leisure. Melbourne to Tokyo flights last long enough to give us a chance to find lots of attractions, things to do, places to eat at, and shopping destinations. Very often, onboard magazines give us information about our destination that can help with these plans.

The ideal situation is to have two or three activities planned that we could switch between during the flight. This ensures we won’t get bored doing anything as we approach our destination.

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