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Why You Need a Certificate of Compliance for Electrical Work

Why You Need a Certificate of Compliance for Electrical Work

Many people aren’t aware that you need a Certificate of Compliance for electrical work done in your home or business. In fact, you also need gas and plumbing Certificates of Compliance. These certificates provide proof that the electrician who worked on the property was appropriately licensed and that any work completed was proven to be safe through appropriate testing. Along with such, the certificate proves that the work done complies with all the rules and regulations of the trade, as well as any applicable Australian Standards.

A Certificate of Compliance for electrical work done also shows that the contractor informed you, usually in writing, if any safety issues are pre-existing with your installation or work. As a homeowner or business owner, some of the legal obligation to own safe, compliant, and operable equipment falls on you. Therefore, it is essential that you have a permanent and legal record of the job that was done. While you should hold onto the certificate for five years, the electrician must also keep the record for the same amount of time. It is also essential that everyone involved in a professional capacity for the work completed sign the certificate as proof that they were there and acknowledge that the work was done and considered safe.

At QuickSafety, they have recognised the need to make life easier for electricians. Because of this, they have launched their product—a mobile app that allows you to complete and save your Certificates of Compliance for electrical work. The app also notifies you when Australian Standards are not met and helps you determine the issue. Therefore, you can quickly fill out the form and lodge it within seconds, saving you a lot of time and reducing the hassle of filling out paperwork.

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