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Your Periodontist Is A Gum-Disease Specialist

Many people suffer from various stages of gum disease, which is why a trip to the periodontist may be necessary. Even if you brush and floss regularly and keep up with dental cleanings, you can still experience periodontal disease. The best option is to choose a specialist to determine the best course of action.


No one wants to have dental problems, but they can crop up quickly and may show a few signs before things get out of hand. If you have gum disease, you’re likely to see swollen or red gums. You may also experience bleeding and sensitivity when brushing or flossing. These can be signs of an impending problem, meaning you should visit a periodontist like National Periodontics for help.

How To Find Someone

While your dentist can offer advice and tips on what to do, it’s best to seek out a gum disease specialist. They’ll be able to determine the exact cause of your problems and focus on a treatment plan designed for you.

You can talk to your general dentist about options, and they will be happy to recommend someone. Likewise, you can contact your insurance company to see who they approve, if anyone. Otherwise, you may have to pay for the services yourself.

You can also ask friends and family about who they’ve used in the past, or may decide to go online and search for options.

The best thing to do is create a list of two or three companies. Visit their website and see if they offer free consultations. You can schedule an appointment to talk about your problems and get a better idea of their bedside manner. If you feel comfortable with them and they’re licensed professionals, you can consider choosing them for the periodontal work that’s necessary.

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