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Louvre Windows in Gold Coast: Benefits

Australian homeowners everywhere are learning just how Louvre windows in Gold Coast can benefit them. They’re made using horizontal slats or blades. In most cases, they use aluminium for the slats, but you can also choose other materials, such as wood or glass.

The blades are slatted or angled, which help to bring in natural light and air, even while keeping out rain and sunlight. You can adjust the blades easily by using a handle or lever, whichever you prefer for your home.

Louvre windows in Gold Coast offer a variety of benefits. For one, they open wider than traditional windows. Therefore, you get maximum airflow without worrying about breaking anything. Along with such, the blades are adjustable, as well. You can open them all the way or just a tiny bit, controlling how much sunlight and breeze are allowed inside. If cooling is your ultimate desire, manufacturers recommend tilting the blades upward so that the cool air travels to the ceiling first.

You can choose to replace the current windows with these features. or you can install clerestory/highlight windows up near the ceiling, allowing warmer air to escape and be replaced with cooler air. You may want to consider a powered unit if you have high ceilings.

At Central Glass & Aluminium, they prefer to use aluminium for the material, as it is powder coated and can come in any colour of your choosing. Plus, you can also choose a wood-grain finish, making the windows look like true wood. However, it’s still easier to maintain and doesn’t require a lot of extra work. Louvre windows in Gold Coast are suitable for almost any household, and they’re perfect because you can leave the window open during light rain without risking the home getting too wet.

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