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Add Space And Elegance To Your Rooms By Installing Bi-Fold Doors

Whether you call them folding, sliding or bi-fold doors, you’ll be amazed at how you can completely change the look, style, and feel of a room, whether it’s an office, shop, home or showroom. You’ll find many options, including aluminium, PVC, wood and more, all bespoke to add a touch of beauty and elegance to your space. You’ll be able to fill the room with light, ensuring that it is a warm and welcoming spot for guests.

Where To Put Them

While most people install bi-fold doors in closets and pantries, they’re perfect for almost any room in the house. If your bedroom is cramped and you can’t fit your furniture with the door, you can choose bi-folding versions instead. They can be used as patio doors and as a way to separate the dining room from the living room.

Functioning Features

These door options usually have two or more panels that are joined by a centralised hinge. The innermost panel offers a pull or knob so you can fold the panels together as they slide along the track. It can be pushed to the sides, which allows full access to the area, as well as aesthetic appeal.


When you have your bi-fold doors installed by Central Glass & Aluminium, you’ll be able to add more space and elegance to your rooms. They’re perfect for spots where you want to have full access or have shelves or other things behind the door. They can make for excellent room dividers when you want to close off an area or open it up for more guests.

And as long as you choose a professional installer, you shouldn’t have trouble with the track or casters over time. Check them out today!

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