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The Advantages Of Using Floor Bunding At Your Storage Facility

If your company handles or stores liquid substances, you must make sure you’re prepared for potential spillage, to avoid contamination and risks to employee safety. Enormous risks are involved when storing liquids and chemicals. A spill can lead to serious hazards to the environment and your employees, as well as financial losses and a hit to your reputation. Because of this, floor bunding from EcoSpill is a smart investment.


Flammable substances should be kept in a particular secured area. Floor bunding in the storage facility can ensure that leaked materials are contained within a prescribed area, which makes it easier to clean it up and prevent damage to the property. Likewise, it can ensure that these flammables have fewer chances to catch fire because they won’t be mixed with other liquids, or near open flames.


Sometimes, the bund you choose can be used as a stopper. If a substance leaks inside the storage facility, the bund ensures that the leaked materials cannot spill outside or spread. Not only will this contain any damage, but the leaked substance may be reused, reducing waste.


Floor bunding can offer more security and safety features, which may be required in various facilities. Anyone workout outside the storage unit will be safe from the liquid until it can be cleaned up by someone who’s trained to deal with it.


In many cases, installation of floor bunding can satisfy legal requirements that you must adhere to. Hazardous chemicals will be contained, which means you won’t be breaking any laws. However, the bunding you choose must meet all safety requirements before it will satisfy the rules. It must be certified for chemical resistance, durability, and strength.

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