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Fuel Spill Kits – What You Should Know Before Buying

Fuel spills can become messy quickly, but they can also be dangerous to the land and waterways. It is imperative that they are cleaned up quickly, but you need to ensure that you have the right tools and equipment to handle the spillage. Fuel spill kits contain absorbent pads or socks that can soak up the fuel quickly and thoroughly. They also include sorbents which can make the process much faster. While the job may seem easy, it can be tough without the proper tools and know-how.

The Type To Pick

The first thing to do is know what liquid you’ll be cleaning. For example, if the substance contains hydrocarbons, such as petrol, jet fuel or oil, you’ll need an oil-only spill kit that is designed to absorb the hydrocarbons while repelling water-based liquids.

You’ve got three choices when it comes to spill kits, including hazmat, oil-only and general/universal. While you can choose a general kit, which can absorb any liquid, water and oil-based, you may find that oil-only options work best for fuel because they will not soak up any water.

PPE Included

Companies like EcoSpill provide spill kits that also include the personal protective equipment needed to keep the employee safe while they clean up the mess. These can include gloves that protect the hands, goggles to keep liquids out of the eyes, and disposable bags to put the soiled absorbents into when you’re finished.

Big Or Small

Most people worry about the size of the kit and what is best for their needs. Individual kits come in buckets or bags and work well on smaller amounts of liquid. However, you can find kits that will hold up to 360 litres of liquid or fuel. Likewise, you can purchase many smaller kits that can take on a big mess when necessary.

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